Your Mission. Our Focus.
18th July 2019

Our Approach

Four Simple Steps:


Staging & Strategy

To uncover the ideal candidate, we need to have comprehensive knowledge of the assignment, as well as, an in depth understanding of your business and needs. We have a series of assessment questions to determine the precise information required to get us off to a good start!

We collect information from our client to develop a clear and accurate profile of the ideal candidate. Profile requirements such as background, experience, education, skills, qualifications, culture-fit and compensation considerations. Based on the profile requirements we construct a list of companies and organizations to target for our recruitment effort.


Networking & Screening

Every search is started fresh. We build our pool of the most qualified candidates by networking the opportunity broadly, carefully and confidentially after extensively researching new leads.

The filtering process begins by informally referencing and thoroughly screening candidates based on the profile to develop a short list of qualified talent. This list usually contains 3-5 candidates. Next, we formally in writing, or in person, present the candidate profiles to our client.


Selecting the Finalist

After the presentation of the shortlist, the client selects who they would like to interview. We set up the time and assist with transportation logistics if necessary. During this time, we begin our next level of due diligence and referencing, which is thoroughly documented and reported to the client. Once the final candidate is chosen, we arrange for a second interview, that allows the client and candidate to get to know each other on a deeper level, as well as become more acquainted with the position.



Closing the search can be a difficult process and decision. We continue involvement in discussing the top qualified candidates, and sometimes assist with contract offers, counter offers when necessary, and salary negotiations.